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Lampedusa Yacht Charter Information

Lampedusa (Isola di Lampedusa) is an island which lies in the Mediterranean Sea and forms part of the province of Agrigento in Sicily. It forms part of the Pelagie islands group and is situated on the southern coast of Sicily.

Lampedusa is renowned for its stunningly clear waters and pristine beaches and its coast attracts many visitors who come in the area to enjoy the many diving and snorkeling activities offered.

The most popular beaches are located to the South of the island, while the rockier coast of the North is a renowned yacht charter location and is well seen when traveling the circumfarence of the island.

Lampedusa hosts an attractive little marina called Porto di Lampedusa which offers about 100 berths for small yachts having a maximum length of 10m.

You will also find some interesting marinas in the nearby region of Agrigento like Porto Empedocle which offers good shelter.

On the island of Lampedusa, you will discover a style different from that of Italy, the populated area is represented by a little village which is dominated by the typical African-styled Dammusi.

The Dammusi are in fact basic houses with a very old-cube shape that brighten up with lively lime-colors that create the image of a seaside nativity Scene.

For those who love sun, clear blue warer and its wild, natural landscape, Lampedusa offers unforgettable holidays.

In the small town, which is also the only inhabited area, you can begin your exploration of the island with the inlet of the port which covers an area of about 1Sq km. Almost all the surrounding inlets and the beaches lie about 1 km away from the town centre.

The island of Lampedusa is dotted with numerous rock rivers that finish with one short sabbiosa beach (sandy beach) and it is an amazing place to spend some quiet holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.

If you enjoy long walks on the beach especially at sunrise, it is particularly recommended to visit the most popular beach in the area, Rabbit beach on Isola dei Conigli which is renowned for its white sandy beaches, turquoise water and dark red cliffs.

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