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Catania Yacht Charter Information

Catania is a city which lies on the eastern coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea and is located between Messina and Syracuse.

It is Sicily’s provincial capital and also the second largest city after Palermo. Catania is often referred as a true city of volcano as much of its constructions are from the lava that poured out down the mountain and engulfed the city in 1669.

It is also the black lava which constitutes Catania’s fine dusting of soot that permanently covers most of its elegant buildings from the work of the baroque master Giovanni Vaccarini.

The artist almost single-handedly rebuilt the entire city centre into the elegant city that you will see today with spacious boulevards and set-piece piazzas.

Catania is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts 4 small marinas entirely dedicated to the visiting yachts: Porto di Catania, Circolo Nautico Catania, Marina Náutico Etneo Catania and the Club Nautico Catania.

You will also find some good marinas nearby like the Marina di Riposto, in the North of the city, Reggio Calabria, Termini Imerrese, Marina di Portorosa and Marina Syracuse.

Its position on the Piana di Catania, a highly fertile plain between the famous volcano of Mount Etna and the sea contribute to make of Catania a rewarding city to visit.

The area is dotted with beautiful beaches and offers the opportunity to visit the numerous historical sites in this eastern part of Sicily adding to all the attractions that the city itself has to offer.

The first thing that you will notice when visiting Catania is the predominant baroque style of the overall architecture.

You can visit the symbolic landmarks of the city like the Elephant Fountain, the Riviera dei Ciclopi (a beautiful volcanic coast along the north of the bay) and of course Mt Etna.

At Piazza Duomo, you will find 2 interesting markets selling fresh fish and there is also a food and clothes market on Via Etnea.

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