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Brucoli Yacht Charter Information

Brucoli is a seaside resort which lies in the province of Syracuse a few kilometers from Augusta in Sicily. It is picturesque little village and is a well-known location which offer great vacation for visitors who are looking to spend a quiet holiday.

Originally it was a typical fishing village lying along the River Porcaria, the town of Brucoli grew around its main harbor and today it houses some very interesting tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

Brucoli is considered as one of Sicily’s most popular seaside resorts and boasts beautiful beaches with turquoise waters in a warm and pleasant climate.

It is also a major yacht charter destination and beautiful quaint marina, Marina Brucoli which offers 100 berths for yachts having a maximum length of 30m.

Marina Brucoli is within easy distance to the marinas in Catania and also to Marina Syracuse.

The harbor area in Brucoli is the busiest place in the area, it is lined with numerous bars and restaurants where you can spend a nice time sipping a cocktail watching the many small boats anchored.

In its peaceful atmosphere and the lush greenery of the area, you can also enjoy a picnic in the olive groves, at the seaside of the beautiful Porcaria creek.

For most visitors, Brucoli offers some unforgettable holidays and you will have the opportunity to visit many interesting places like the Old Norman Castle which is one of the most popular places in the area.

The castle dates back since the 15th century and is a square building with 4 corner towers that tell the region’s history.

In the regions nearby, you can also visit some interesting attractions like the Sanctuario Della Madonna Adonai.

You can also enjoy the numerous water sports offered on the beaches nearby. Brucoli hosts many games, tournaments, shows and activities that you can enjoy in the evening and there is also a boat club where you can enjoy activities like windsurfing and canoeing.

In the village you will find many interesting bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local dishes and in some places you can enjoy the special theme buffet like the sea buffet, barbecue, the Sicilian evening or several galas.

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