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Sicily Yacht Charter Information

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the autonomous region of Italy. The island is separated to the East from the Italian region of Calabria through the strait of Messina.

Sicily is surrounded by various islands which are of great interest to the volcanologists, the Mount Etna which is located in the mainland has a height of 3320m, is the tallest active volcano in Europe and is also considered as the most active in the world.

The Aegean islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea are situated in the northeast of the mainland Sicily, they exhibit a volcanic complex including Stromboli which is currently active and also the 3 dormant volcanoes of Vulcani, Vulcanello and Lipari.

Sicily is considered as being one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations by yacht charterers. The region has a remarkably varied landscape, with a mountainous interior, hills and plateaus and a wildly beautiful coastline of rocky promontories, sheer cliffs, fine sand beaches, tiny coves and clear waters.

There are some interesting yacht charter regions in Sicily which are worth a visit when planning your holiday. The main yacht charter areas are concentrated in Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, Taormina, Marsala, Liparia and Pantelleria. Some yachts also make a stop at Catania, Messina, Siracusa, Gela, Ragusa, Vittoria, Caltanissetta, Agrigento, Bagheria, Modica, Acireale and Mazzara.

Situated on the Western side of Mount Pellegrino, Palermo seems to be a separated town in many ways. It is particularly crowded during weekends especially in the summer months (July and August).

While sailing further to the East of Sicily, you will discover Taormina which is located between Messina and Catania. Taormina is a famous resort town, especially if you want to see Sicily beauty and history. It has some gorgeous beaches on the Ionian Sea, the sea temperature in the region is warm and with a very high salt content worthwhile for any water sports.

Marsala is also very interesting; it is one of the main ports in Sicily to start a yacht charter trip.To the North, you will find the gorgeous Aeolian Islands and further to the South, the unique Island of Pantelleria which are worth a visit.

Lipari is often referred to as the Aeolian Islands; it is a volcanic archipelago which is visible from the Sicilian eastern Tyrrhenian coast. Lipari is easily accessible by yacht from Milazzo or Messina where you will a wide range of breathtaking sceneries, volcanoes, castles, thermal resorts, fishing areas and some great beaches.

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