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Sant’Antioco is an island which lies in the southwest of Sardinia and is located at about 87km from Cagliari to which it is connected by an artificial isthmus to its motherland. It is the second largest island after Sardinia itself and the 4th in Italy.

The island is dotted with numerous sandy beaches and quiet coves and hosts 2 cheerful urban centers San’Antioco, the island’s main town and Calasetta where you will see numerous whitewashed and pastel-colored houses lining in the narrow streets.

Sant’Antioco is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts 2 beautiful small marinas: Porticciolo Turistico Sant’Antioco with 220 berths for yachts measuring up to 25m long and Marina Calasetta with 140 berths for yachts having a maximum length of 20m.

The 2 marinas are located within easy distances to various interesting marinas in the area: Porte Vesme and Marina Portoscuso in Portoscuso, Marina Bugggeru, Marina di Perd’e Sali and some marinas in Carloforte.

As soon as you sent anchorage at one of marinas in Sant’Antioco, you will find the main town sitting at the foot of the Castle Hill. It looks like a typical fisherman’s village where you will see numerous bungalows and red-roofed houses and the narrow streets in their multifaceted urban makeup.

The town of Sant’Antioco has a rich history and was inhabited as early as the 3rd millennium B.C although its history counts from the 8th century B.C.

You will have the opportunity to visit many interesting places that shows evidence of the town’s past that are worth visiting: the 2 menhirs from the pre-Nuraghic times, a large number of Tombe dei Giganti, some Domus de Janas (fairy houses), a huge Phoenician-Punic tophet and also the old Punic Necropolis.

The Sant’Antioco Basilica is also worth exploring, the town itself was named after the church. It was built in the 1102 atop an old Christian church and boasts the saint St Antioco and the martyr’s statue and relics.

At the town main entrance, you will be pleasantly greeted by the charming Roman Bridge with its 2 arches.

After visiting the many historical sites, you can relax at one of the long and beautiful beaches that alternate with the rocky bays.

You can also enjoy scuba-diving in the clear azure-blue water, you will see numerous sea creatures and the breathtaking water resources are of great wonder.

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