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Porto Torres

Porto Torres

Porto Torres is a city which lies in the North of Sardinia in the province of Sassari. It is located at about 25km to the East of Capo Del Falcón and on the spacious bay of Golfo dell’Asinara.

Porto Torres is a very interesting city to visit however, at first sight, it may not appear that attractive but, there are numerous restaurants and bars and some nice beaches to the West.

It is also a renowned yacht charter destination as it is within easy distance to the beautiful Asinara.

The Marina Porto Torres offers about 350 berths for yachts measuring up to 25m long. Porto Torres is a Roman city in origin, and there are still remains of the Roman settlement and also an adjoining museum near the harbor area.

Not far, there is also the 11th century Basilica di San Giovanni which is Sardinia’s largest Romanesque church and the most visited site in the area. It is renowned for its rich history and even today you can still find numerous inscriptions of the archaeological findings in the area.

The Barbaric King’s palace is the most important bath building which belongs to the creative traditions dating back since the 1st century B.C. Its slap-covered roads are oriented in an orthogonal axis probably dating back to the colony’s first settlement is just fascinating.

The Craftsmen’s corner and the Necropolis in Porto Torres are also worth visiting where you will have the opportunity to discover many historic treasures.

During a yacht charter trip in Porto Torres, you will have the opportunity to visit the Craftsmen’s quarter which lies on the outskirts of the ancient city. Its remains and the vast Necropolises are found close to the Roman Bridge from the South to the northeast of the city.

You will discover numerous simple ground tombs which are sometimes decorated with funerary mosaics, the Capuchin’s traditions and also some burials in sarcophagus or the true vaulted burial buildings.

Yacht charterers can also sail towards Asinara which is certainly the main yacht charter excursion in the area. You will have the opportunity to visit its natural park which host one of the richest underwater flora and fauna in the world.

It is an ideal diving spot and attracts many divers worldwide who come to enjoy a unique fascination of the underwater world found in no other place.

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