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Palau is a commune in the Province of Olbia in the Italian region Sardinia. It is located about 220 km north of Cagliari and about 30 km northwest of Olbia.

Palau is definitely one of the most spectacular and noteworthy seaside towns in Gallura and bordering the Emerald Coast.

It is also an important landing place for ferries coming from Corsica and the archipelago of La Maddalena.

Its modern harbor development is tied to the entire extending coastline, offering dream-like bays and small rocky islands that emerge from a crystal-clear sea teaming with life.

Palau artistically shaped coastlines are sculpted by the wind that generates a wide variety of shapes and forms in its rocks.

Palau surrounding hinterland is characterised by lush and Mediterranean vegetation. There are numerous itineraries to discover this corner of paradise.

For those deciding to adventure through Gallura, Palau is a destination not to be overlooked. Tourists can choose from many destinations without forgetting the Stintino beautiful military fortresses.

Of the many Sardinian destinations, that of Palau should not be missed.

The town is known as a popular destination for yachts. Due to its strategic position on the north shore of the island, you will find that the small town of Palau is easily accessible from land, air or water.

Facing towards the strait of Bonifacio, the granite shores of Palau dominate the shoreline to offer the Yacht Charter enthusiast a great view. It is there that you will find the imposing and somewhat strange rock formation called the Bear’s Head.

Sailing is definitely a worthwhile experience at Palau, as the shore alternates from high to low and from populated to desert.

The town offers a very nice selection of beaches. Some beaches are very secluded in small bays and are perfect for those Yacht Charter holidaymakers seeking solitude and intimacy.

There are also diving and sailing schools in town so you can enlist in case you are not familiar with either.

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