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Castelsardo is a small medieval town which lies in the province of Sassari in the northwest coast of the island of Sardinia.

The town occupies a strategic location on the top of a high volcanic promontory overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. Most of the visitors come in the area for its great beaches, the colors of the sea and to relax on its long kilometers of sand while looking at the numerous yachts in the distance.

In both the centro storico, the old town and the newer areas of Castelsardo, you will get some dramatic coastal views of the area and find numerous bars, cafes and restaurants reputed for their delicious pastas, seafood and lobster.

Castelsardo is also a major yacht charter destination and hosts a large port area. Its main marina is called Marina di Frigiano, can accommodate about 400 yachts measuring up to 30 m long. You will also find some good marinas nearby like Porto Torres and the Ancora Yacht Club in Stintino.

During your visit in the area, it is particularly recommended to visit the historic centre to which you will need to climb up but it is well worth a visit. You can take the scenic walk around the castle walls that leads up to the cathedral from where you can enjoy some wonderful and spectacular views across the bay of Asianara.

The Castle of Castelsardo (12th century) which lies on a high rocky promontory with sheer cliffs under the sea, the Church of Santa Maria and the bell tower of the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate are also worth visiting.

In the town center, which is well-known for its basket weaving, you can wander around the little lanes where you will find the locals sitting in their doorsteps producing their crafts. You can also get a further insight into basket weaving by visiting the museum which lies within the castle.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the various beaches in the area, but you will find some more extensive beaches in Lu Bagnu a few steps from the town.

If you are in the area during the summer months, you can witness the various processions and concerts held in the town.

However, one of the most popular festivals is the Lunissanti which is held during the Easter weekend which starts with a procession and finishes with a wonderful evening torchlight parade.

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