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Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina

Bosa marina is a village located in the charming town of Bosa which lies in the Sardinian province of Nuoro. The town of Bosa is located on the western coast of the island to the South of Alghero on a small hill which lies about 3 km inland on the north bank of the Temo River.

Bosa boasts an old town of very ancient origins which is perched on the hill of Serravalle dominated by the castle of the Malaspina.

It is a renowned seaside resort that boasts the attractive beach of Bosa Marina which offers a beautiful sight from its majestic defense tower which dominates the landscape.

Bosa Marina is also a renowned yacht charter destination in Bosa and hosts a beautiful marina called Bosa Marina which can accommodate up to 120 yachts having a maximum length of 30m.

The Bosa Marina enjoys a pleasant location in the area and offers an excellent cruising ground, it is also close to several good marinas nearby like Porto di Alghero, Marina Fertilia and Porto Torres and is within easy distance to some marinas in Stintino too.

From Bosa Marina, you can enjoy a yacht trip along the river Temo up to the ruins of a Roman bridge which dates back from the early decades 800 A.C.

On you sailing route, you will also encounter the imposing façade of the Romanesque Cathedral of Saint Peter.

During your visit in Bosa Marina, you will have the opportunity to visit the medieval town which hosts many treasures.

Above the town, you will find the Castle of Malaspina where you will get a fantastic view of the town, the river and the coast.

There are 2 ways to visit the castle by car by following the signs to the Castello which will lead you to the bottom of the castle and you can continue your way by foot.

You can also visit the castle by foot by enjoying the panoramic path where the road will lead you to the old part of the town through its picturesque streets.

You can also sail towards some interesting destinations nearby like the Oristano town, reputed for its beautiful beaches and great views of the area.

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