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Arbatax is the greatest hamlet which lies in the region of Tortoli on the island of Sardinia. It is a town located on the Tyrrhenian Sea at about 5 km from Tortoli.

It has long been an ancient fishing village and today is a picturesque town built on the coastal tower of San Michele which is located on the northwest slopes of Capo Bellavista on which stands an eponymous lighthouse.

Arbatax is famous for its beautiful red rocks and its coastline which includes the beach of Lido Orri, one of the most popular in the area.

It is a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts the cheapest marinas on the island of Sardinia: Marina Arbatax which can accommodate up to 400 yachts measuring up to 50m long, Marina di Baunei located in Santa Maria Navarrese with 350 berths for yachts with a maximum length of 40m and a smaller one Marina Cala Gonone with 120 berths for yachts of 12m long.

The nearest marinas at call to Marina di Arbatax are the marinas in Cagliari. The Marina di Arbatax is an excellent starting point to explore the splendid eastern coastline of Sardinia and its various little islands nearby.

Most of the visitors come in the area to visit the famous red rocks of Arbatax which lies on a large courtyard overlooking the beach, the rocks are often called the beautiful cliffs of red porphyry that emerge from the sea.

There is also a passageway dug into the rocks which will give you access to a small beach which lies at the feet of the rocky walls.

Off a distance to the southern part of the headland, you will find the S.Gemiliano Tower which dates back since the 17th century.

You can also enjoy a nice trip on the famous Trenico Verde which is a train that chugs into the mountainous hinterland of Arbatax.

If you visit the area in the spring, you will have the opportunity to witness a true explosion of colors along the coastline with the contrast of the rocks of the headland and the reefs, the white sandy beaches and the limpid waters.

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