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Malta Yacht Charter Information

Malta is the World’s biggest open-air museum. It is a small archipelago located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between France and Sicily.

The archipelago consists of 3 islands, the largest is Malta which is the most populated of all three islands, the 2 smaller islands are: Gozo and Comino.

For thousands of years, the Maltese archipelago has been an important stop for those who are travelling in and around the Mediterranean and this is also why there is such a rich history surrounding this group of islands.

Its perfect geographic position contributes to make Malta a thriving tourist destination which boasts an impressive number of yacht charter visitors year after year.

Most of the yacht charters who come to visit Malta usually moore in the famous Golden Bay which is renowned for its beautiful beaches or at the Blue Grotto which is world famous for its natural rock formations and deep waters.

Others prefer to moore in St Thomas Bay where you will find spectacular white cliffs.

Malta is also a central destination due to the fact that it is a short distance to some other rather popular destinations like Tunisia, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

The region has always been considered as an important yachting centre due to its convenient location as well as being home to some spectacular harbours.

Valetta is one of many impressive harbours which is worth visiting and there are also many delightful anchorages around the islands.

Malta experiences a warm climate with hot, dry summers and mild winter which makes its yacht charter season last longer than any other sailing destinations, from April until October.

Like most of the countries situated in the Mediterranean, anybody wanting to charter a boat as a bareboat charter will need to have a valid skipper permit or a sailing certificate in order to sail in the Maltese waters. However, the Maltese do take kindly to papers emitted in foreign countries.

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