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Puerto de Cala Gamba

Puerto de Cala Gamba Yacht Charter Information

The Club Nautico Cala Gamba is one of the ports available to Palma de Mallorca, including the Royal Yacht Club, the Club Marítimo Molinar de Levante and the Club de Mar.

In the port there is a restaurant that will probably make the delights of sailing with one of the most popular dishes and the seafood stew, but you always have the option to go to any of the many restaurants near the port.

Along the harbor, the beach of Cala Gamba is not exactly a summer paradise, but its charm is concentrated in the port city and the Yacht Club activity that protects more than 250 boats.

The beach has a lot of qualities. It is very active in tourism because it is very close to the airport and has much maritime traffic.

The beach dock accommodates boats of all sizes and characteristics, custody and out to sea with your crane service. In the same local yacht club you can have delicious menus and refreshments.

In Cala Gamba, Luxury motor cruisers, yachts and catamarans are available to hire for exploring some of the most remote corners of the island. There is windsurfing, banana rides, water skiing, peddle boats and a host of other fun activities available from nearly every poular beach.

The wealth of marine life there makes the area a magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers. Diving clubs and schools are dotted around the coastline offering excursions to various dive sites including underwater caverns and wrecks.

The shallow and murky water of the creek is not the anchoring. If desired, it is best to anchor a mile south of the mouth, on a background of rocks and keeping the yellow buoy south. You should always remember that this is a very contained but small port and shallow, so the maximum speed to navigate it is two knots.

Practically occupied by the partners, Cala Gamba has few places for pedestrians. It is located in the den Coll Rabasa near the beginning of Playa de Palma and the airport runway threshold of Son Sant Joan.

The Sailing Club Cala Gamba is located in the bay of Palma, well protected from winds and storms and offers a great security to its visitors. Cala Gamba was a fishing village and today it retains its charm thanks to the maintenance of Club administration.

In the closer approach of Cala Gamba, Islote Galera will be identified. Its off lying reef marked by a black and yellow can buoy with an X topmark. Puerto de Cala Gamba lies 650m to the north of Islote Galera.

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