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Portoferraio, Elba Yacht Charter Information

Portoferraio a city in Italy situated on the island of Elba in Tuscany. The small port exports iron ore and one of Italy richest iron-ore deposits is located

in the neighboring town of Rio Marina.

The village is protected at the back by the two Forts, Falcone and Stella and at the front by the fringed Medicean Bastions of Bernardo Buontalenti.

The Romans and Etruscans used the port for their mining activities and as testimony to their passage there are the remains of two splendid Roman villas; one

on the promontory of the Grotte opposite the Gulf of Portoferraio and the other next to the Forte della Linguella.

The Museum of Archaeology houses tell the story of ancient navigators. Of great interest contained within the village, are the main churches.

A couple of miles outside Portoferraio, the Villa San Martino was Napoléons summer residence during his 10-month exile on Elba. Temporary exhibitions are

held in a gallery attached to the villa.

Portoferraio, with its lemon-yellow buildings, is among the most elegant of the old Mediterranean ports. Beyond the town lies an island of great natural


The port has always been considered the safest in the Mediterranean. It is centrally located with regards to the other seven municipalities on the Island and

its territory reaches sweetly down to the sea in a tender embrace.

Yacht charter in Portoferraio is an attracting starting point to cruise to the Tyrrhenian Sea and to Corsica and Sardinia.

From Portoferraio you can enjoy a delightful drive to the southern mountainside village of Capoliveri. Being absolutely enchanting, Capoliveri preserves an

almost medieval atmosphere in its architecture, sober at the same time as graceful and elegant.

It is located in the southern parts of the island, in the heart of Elbas mining area, between the iron mines at Mount Calamita and Mount Ginevro. The land of

Elba is quite varied, and is thus divided into several areas based on geomorphology.

The mountainous and most recent part of the island can be found to the west. The center of the island is dominated by Mount Capanne and is called the roof of

the Tuscan Archipelago.


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