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Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano Yacht Charter Information

Porto Santo Stephano is the largest town on the island of Monte Argentario in the region of Tuscany in Italy. It is located on the northern side of the

promontory and the town descends beautifully from its slopes to a charming bay.

Porto Santo Stephano is famous worldwide for its popular beach resort and is also an important fishing centre.

It is also a renowned yacht charter destination hosting a busy harbor and enjoys a perfect location on the island as it is within easy access to the splendid

islands of Giglio and Giannutri.

There are 2 ports in the area: Porto Nuovo and Santo Stephano-Porto Vecchio (with 130 berths for yachts measuring up to 40m long), where you will see many

luxurious yachts flanked by the colored wooden fishing boats that are tied-up throughout the whole year thanks to the mild climate in the area.

During your visit in Porto Santo Stephano, you can enjoy long walks along the beautiful Lungamare, a famous seaside promenade. Along your way, you will get

some exceptional panoramic views of the town especially with the tiny characteristic markets where you find long series of objects, craftsmanship and

antiques on sale.

During your visit in Porto Santo Stephano, you will have the opportunity to admire the Rocca Spagnola which is the biggest structure of the town dating back

since the second half of the 16th century. It is an imposing quadrangular fortress that is protected by all sides by thick and leaning fortified walls and a

drawbridge considered as a jewel by the Spanish military of this particular time.

The Fortress also boasts 2 popular art exhibitions: the Maestri d’Ascia, the craftsmen’s collection of wooden fishing boats and boats and the Memorie

Sommerse which exhibits the archaeological findings of the island’s waters.

If you happen to be in the area at mid-August, you can also enjoy the famous traditional boat race of Porto Santo Stephano, currently called the Palio dell’

Argentario. The race is run by some skilled oarsmen of the area who represent the 4 districts around the town: Croze, Fortezza, Pilarella and Valle.

Porto Santo Stephano is also famous for hosting some rather high-class restaurants and trattorias where you can taste some good assortment of fresh fish and

seafood dishes as well as the excellent Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario, the local wine.


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