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Piombino Yacht Charter Information

Piombino is a town and also a commune of the province of Livorno (Tuscany) in the North of Italy. located in front of Elba and at the northern side of Maremma. It is the most popular destination for yacht charters in Italy.

When you approach closer to Piombino, you will be able to see the lovely Old Town of Piombino which lies on a plateau high above the sea. From the piazza Giovanni Borio, one can enjoy a fantastic sea panorama.

Piombino experiences a Mediterranean climate, however it can vary from North to South and between the islands. The particularly mild climate, the crystal-clear waters and astonishing seabed all go to make Piombino an ideal place for recreation and relaxation, for people of all ages.

There are many empty beaches for those who seek for tranquility and numerous facilities are offered to those who are fans of various sports like, tennis, roller-skating, football, horse riding and trekking. There are also numerous restaurants, pizzerias, bars scattered near the port of Piombino.

During a yacht charter cruise along the coasts of Piombino, the first place you can visit is the ancient port of Falesia. Today it is considered as the most important passenger port of Tuscany and connects the mainland with Elba, the Tuscany archipelago, Sardinia and Corsica.

You can also visit the Piazza Bovia and its lighthouse, and the nearby navy complex, you will have a magnificent view over the channel of Piombino.

At the western point of the commune of Piombino, you can find Populonia, an ancient town of Etruscan origin dominating the Baratti Bay, renowned for its beautiful beaches.

Due to the French influence which is rather ascertainable in many place in Piombino, it is often called the Little Paris by yacht charterers. The many kilometers of long beaches which are easily accessible from the waterside invite the yacht charter lovers for a comfortable shore leave.

During your charter route to Elba, you will see the islands of Giglio with its medieval castle mountain, dreamlike bays and lots of nature as well as Giannutri with steep cliffs, lots of seagulls and exciting grottos are within easy reach of Porto San Stefano al Mare further South.

Those who want to stay on the mainland coast, can amble through Tuscany which boasts beautiful beaches likes the ones in Viareggio or Massa Marittima. Excursions through a landscape accented by pine trees, cypresses, olive trees and hills to Pisa, Lucca or to Carrara, home of the white marble are well advised.


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