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Italy Yacht Charter Information

Italy Yacht Charter Information

Italy is positioned on the boot-shaped peninsula which is located in the South of Europe. The Italian peninsula has the 2 largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy shares its northern territory with the Alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The climate is quite diverse; in some places, there is a temperate climate due to the protection of the mountain ranges from the cold winds which blow from the North.

Italy is renowned to be the most historic and influential countries in the world when it comes to food, architecture, design or yacht charter holidays. It is bordered with a lot of coastline, with a large variety of shores, ranging from rocky cliffs to low beaches.

The lemon trees and fragrant flowers of the Isle of Capri provide a picturesque backdrop for its sprawling beaches. The statuesque arcs of the Tyrrhenian Sea guarantee that the resorts along its coastline are among the best beaches in Italy.

The white sands of the Venetian beach of Lido make it one of the most tempting beaches of Italy, even if the water lapping at your feet is not fit for swimming.

When sailing within the 8000 km of the beautiful Italian coastline, one can surely enjoy marvelous places and nature. A berth for a yacht is easy to find as there are numerous modern and lavishly equipped marinas all along the coast.

The most famous yacht charter cruises in Italy are around the regions of Liguria, Sardinia, Naples, the Amalfi coast, Sicily, the Aeolian Island , Tuscany and the Elba and Tuscan archipelago.

While yacht chartering in the area, it is also important to know that there are a small number of protected marine areas. There are 18 restricted areas with environmental interest: Cinque Terre, Arcipelago Toscano, Isole Tremiti, Miramare, Arcipelago di La Maddalena, Isole Egadi, Isole di Ustica, Proto Cesareo and the Ventatene e Santo Stefano.

There is a list of things which are strictly prohibited while sailing near these regions such as yachts are strictly prohibited to approach near the coast (the limit is between 1 to 2km away), it is strictly prohibited to fish, pick seashells , sea plants or any type of seafood and you cannot use a motor boat or drop anchor near the coast and it is also prohibited to swim or practice any water sports nearby.

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