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Skopelos Yacht Charter Information

Skopelos is an island which lies in the Western of the Aegean Sea and it is the largest of the islands in the Northern Sporades Island group. It is located to the East of the mainland Greece and to the northeast of the island of Euboea. Skopelos is also the name given to the main port and also to the municipal center of the island.

Most of the visitors define Skopelos as the prettiest island of the Sporades and even in the entire region of Greece, as its numerous buildings are old and white surrounded by some huge bougainvillea and flowerpots, many churches and the entire area is completely covered with forests.

Its landscape is dramatic, with some high mountains and deep valleys and Skopelos is composed of 2 rock massifs of unequal size and a narrow plain that runs from the bay of the capital city to the South of Cape Stafilos separating the island into 2 parts.

The town of Skopelos is a traditional island town and is well-known for its unique architecture and beautiful streets and it has even declared as a heritage settlement.

Skopelos’s countryside and the entire island is dotted with over 360 churches and the main reason for this is often debated. According to the traditional legends, it happened that when the catastrophe of Asia Minor occurred in 1921, the Greek population of Turkey threw their icons into the sea in order to save themselves. As the icons floated across the Aegean Sea to Skopelos, for each icon found a church was built.

During a visit on the island, you will find a large number of beaches waiting to be discovered like any other islands in Greece.

Yacht charterers can enjoy some pleasant excursions to the neighboring islands of Skiathos and Alonissos which are near at hand. You can also enjoy some nice day cruise through the National Marine Park and if you are lucky enough, you can even see the dolphins and the seals.

You can also enjoy some good nightlife in Skopelos town where there are many interesting places to be discovered both in the harbor and in the little winding streets. In the evening, you will find numerous taverns and many bars everywhere and the shops stay open until late.

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