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Peristera Yacht Charter Information

Peristera is a small village, now part of the municipality of Akrata and is also a settlement of the community of Nonakrida. It is located at the foot of the mountain Helmos or Aroania and at an altitude of about 1,200 m. Peristera is linked with the road north to Akrata.

Peristera is a Greek island in The Sporades. It is administratively part of the municipality of Alonissos and is also directly east of the island of Alonissos.

The mountains with rocks, grasslands and some forests surround Peristera and are situated in a valley. Farmlands are mainly in valley areas and the forests covers parts of the municipality.

While stretching parallel to the eastern shores of Alonnisos, Peristera is one of uninhabited islands. The only person who is been staying in Peristera for the past few years has been a shepherd, who lives up north.

Peristera takes it name from its shape, and it is also known as Xiro because it is a long way behind Alonnisos in fertility. Most of its surface is covered with scrubby vegetation and its highest point is 259 metres. Their nearest island is Adelfoi Islets which is found in the west.

For all its smallness, Peristera has a number of excellent beaches, among them the bays of Kokkalias, Vasiliko, Kephali, Peristeri, Kounoupas, Livadakia, Kalamakia, Tarsanades, Xylo and Spasmeni.

There are two shepherd’s houses on the island and one is at Mnymata in the South and the other one is at Livadia in the North.

Fishing boats departing from Patitiri take visitors on daily excursions to Peristeri bay which is located on the southern side of the island and from Klima which is on the eastern side. The daily excursions start from boasting some lovely pebbly beaches.

If you decide to rent a boat of your own you can try several other beaches such as Vourlias, Ladadiko and Livadakia which are wonderfully isolated and sandy. Peristera is one of the best places to fish in the whole of the Sporades Islands.

The main yacht charter bases in the uninhabited islands of Northern Sporades is Peristera. Steering into the harbour during the day is no problem. At night there are beacons, which have to be spotted amongst the many lights on land.

The harbour provides excellent protection against winds from all directions. The first mooring piers in the harbour are reserved for a private yacht club.

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