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Alonissos Yacht Charter Information

Alonissos is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea and is located to the East of the Sporades. The island lies at about 3 km to the East of Skopelos.

Alonissos is also the name of a village located on the southern part of the island and it is locally known as Chora.

Throughout centuries, the island of Alonissos has been given different names like Ikos, Evonimo, Liodromia or Hilodromia.

The island of Alonissos is dotted with charming and magical scenery that perfectly sets the tone for a holiday filled with relaxation as well as entertainment and adventure. The main port of the island is located in the southeast and it is called Patitiri.

Alonissos is renowned for its rich vegetation and glorious beaches which make it look like an untouched paradise where you can enjoy pure moments of pleasure during your vacations.

The island has also played an important role in the Greek history in terms of the navy, shipbuilding, ceramic art and for its wine production. It is also where the first sea park was developed in Greece in 1986, the clear and tranquil waters around the island host the famous ‘’Monachus-Monachus’’ seal.

Alonissos is often defined as a place where you will experience the exquisiteness, the innocence and the unassuming charm of the Greek islands. You will have the opportunity to enjoy everything that defines Greece, by eating fresh fish, sipping an iced-ouzo at twilight and listening to the traditional Syrtaki.

In the port town of Patitiri, you will find numerous cafes and taverns and many small eateries and bars.

Yacht charterers can also enjoy some time at the beautiful beaches on the island of Alonissos. The beaches in the area are characterized by their exceptionally clean, cool, crystal waters where most of them are sparkling emerald or turquoise color.

The Megalos Mourtias beach lounges on a foothill just below the old town in the neighboring gulf and it is dotted with flat stones and numerous rocky walls.

The Milia beach is also interesting; it is a long bay lined with some thick pine forests and has both sand and stone. The Kokkinokastro beach is characterized by its deep blue sea and it is considered as the most impressive beaches on the island. There is also the Yialia beach and the Tsoukalia beach that are worth seeing.

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