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Poros Yacht Charter Information

Poros is a small volcanic little island of great beauty which lies in the southern part of The Saronic Gulf. It is located at about 58km to the South of Piraeus and is separated from the Peloponnese peninsula and the picturesque town of Galatas by a 370m wide sea channel.

The island’s name, Poros means narrow strait and it is considered a very romantic place and also an ideal destination for families and backpackers.

Poros is a very green island, as you gradually approach the area aboard a yacht, you can admire the numerous pine trees that cover its small hills and numerous beaches.

The town of Poros was built on the small peninsula of Sferia, on a small hill which overlooks the island’s port.

There are also some marinas for yachts and boats towards Mikro and Megalo Neorio nearby. The yacht charter seasons coincides with the summer season starting from the middle of April and due to the island’s proximity to Athens, many day trips to Poros are organized.

As soon as you reach the harbor of Poros, yacht charterers will be greeted by its famous large clock that stands high upon a rock dominating harbor landscape.

The clock is also a popular place for photo opportunities and is an excellent spot where you can admire the beautiful panoramic views out towards the entire Saronic Gulf and the surrounding parts of the island.

Most of the visitors who come to Poros are drawn by the natural beauty of its spectacular landscapes. The island of Poros renowned destination for nature lovers and for those who enjoy walks, they should visit the famous Lemon Forest which lies on the eastern side of the main town.

Between the numerous lemon and orange trees, you will pass by some lovely watermills and there is also an amazing landscape which creates a wonderful landscape.

The next most appreciated feature on the island of Poros is its beautiful beaches like Mikro Neorio, Magalo Neorio, Kanali, Perlia and Vagonia and there are also the small bays of Agapis and Nafstathmos which are among the most famous.

While sailing in the area, yacht charterers will also find many beaches located in some remote places surrounded by a green nature and the famous charming pine trees. All of these create a unique atmosphere where you cannot help to relax and unwind.

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