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Athens Piraeus

Athens Piraeus Yacht Charter Information

Piraeus is one of the largest cities in Greece and is located to the South of Athens city centre and is one of the most important leading ports in the Mediterranean. It is the 3rd busiest port in the entire Europe and it is a hub of the Aegean ferry network, the centre of Greece’s maritime export-import and transit trade and the main base for its large merchant navy too.

Piraeus can be as bustling and traffic-congested as Athens; however its proximity to the sea gives it a different feel. Most of the travelers and yacht charterers who come to visit the area stick at the most attractive part of Piraeus, which lies on its eastern corner around the famous Zea Marina and the lovely, albeit and touristic Mikrolimano harbor, where the seafront is lined with numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Kastella, the charming residential neighborhood is not far, it lies on a hill above Mikrolimano. The waterfront of Piraeus starts up before the Olympics and it create a beautiful tree-lined promenade along the ancient walls which surround the harbor.

The best way to explore the city of Piraeus is aboard a yacht, where you can visit all the beautiful nearby beaches, take a meal at one of the local restaurants, go fishing and continue your sailing excursions to explore all the sights and discover the local colors.

You will have the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum which lies near the Zea harbor. It hosts a fine collection of the sculptured grave monuments, numerous reliefs and pottery dating from the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

Yacht charterers will also appreciate the Nautical Museum Piraeus (the Maritime Museum) which highlights the entire Greek Navy’s history from the ancient times to the present day.

You can also visit the Zea Marina where you will see the most impressive yachts and cruisers moored. The coastline is beautiful and it is lined with many restaurants, taverns, bars and shops that cater all the needs of the yachtsmen in the area.

You will also have the chance to see the famous Flying Dolphins (hovercrafts) if you sail to the other Saronic Gulf Islands.

You can also visit the Mikrolimano harbor which is believed to be protected by the goddess Mounichia Artemis; it is a lovely little harbor full of fishing boats, small vessels and many very beautiful yachts.

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