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Zante – Zakynthos

Zante - Zakynthos Yacht Charter Information

Zante (or Zakynthos) is the 3rd largest island in The Ionian island group and it is located to the South of the island of Kefalonia. The island covers a surface area of about 410km2 and its coastline stretches over roughly 123 km in length.

The most popular attractions on the island are along the coastal strip to the northwest of Zakynthos town and the huge bay of Laganas which lies in the South of the island. Elsewhere, there are also many places of amazing beauty like the picturesque villages, the quiet beach coves and also some places of breathtaking scenery.

Zante is a popular yacht charter destination in the area and holidays in the region is often most cherished for the island’s combination of sunshine, warm waters and beaches which are set against truly wonderful and dreamlike scenery.

During a visit in the area, you will have the opportunity to explore the main town where you will find the Solomon square and the St Mark’s square and at the other side of the town; you will find the church of St Dennis.

The Strata marina connects the 2 locations and there is a street running along the waterfront where you will find numerous shops and restaurants. In Solomon Square, you will find an incredible museum which hosts the post-Byzantine art in the Ionian school and also a library.

Many of the beaches have become lively beach resorts proposing many hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars but other have been declared protected areas.

As you enter the port of Zakynthos onboard your yacht, especially at dusk, it feels as though you enter the port of Venice. On the one side you will see the lit church bells of the St. Dennis Cathedral and on the other side the picturesque Main Town with the snake like road to the hill of Bohali (2km) and the Venetian Fortress(3km). The view of the port and the town from above is simply breathtaking and even more enjoyable when you are seated at one of the many open air cafes

For nature lovers, Zante is a perfect place to explore an unspoiled natural environment which is also home to numerous endangered species of sea turtles called the Caretta-Caretta; this rare sea turtle usually goes to sandy beaches or isolate islets, like Pelouzo or Marathonisi.

There is also the Monk seals that come in the area during their reproduction period.

While sailing along the coastline, yacht charterers will find some amazing golden sandy beaches particularly in Vassilikos, Laganas, Tsilivi and Alykes. With so much to see and do and the surroundings of natural, breathtaking beauty it is no wonder Zakynthos is growing in popularity among yacht charters worldwide.

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