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Paxos – Paxi

Paxos - Paxi Yacht Charter Information

Paxi lies in the South of the island of Corfu, and it is the name given to one of the cluster of picturesque small islands in the Ionian Island group. The largest island of the small archipelago is known as Paxos and the smallest is Antipaxos, both islands lie at about 2km from each other.

The island of Paxos is characterized by its endless olive groves, while Antipaxos is one large vineyard, famous for its wine and hosts 2 of the finest beaches in the Ionian Sea. The beaches of Antipaxos, Vrika and Voutoumi are located at the North end of the island, they are white sandy beaches and excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

The small archipelago of Paxi is a renowned yacht charter destination in the Ionian Sea and is a perfect spot to sail a yacht. The eastern coastlines of the 2 islands are rather gentle compared to their western coasts which are quite bold and abrupt dotted with numerous caves and some sheer cliffs.

The capital city of Paxos is Gaios, it is a picturesque village beautifully built around a port and it is protected by 2 other small islands, Agios Nikolas and Panagia.

During a yacht charter trip on the island of Paxos, from the North to the South of the island, there are some amazing places that are worth a visit. Gaios lies in the South of Paxos, it is the largest town and also the working fishing port with numerous caiques tied up to its harbor.

While sailing further to the North end of the island, you come across Lakka with its beautiful harbor which lies at the end of a deep narrow bay.

Lakka is a popular stopping place for yachts and is frequently visited as its magnificent natural harbour is an attraction in itself. Loggos is also worth a visit and its tiny harbour is enchanting, around the harbour front, you will find many taverns and small bars.

A favourite among yacht charters and tourists is Genesis is situated opposite the Green Man statue a short walk from the main square of Gaios where you will enjoy beautiful views of Gaios Harbour, St Nicholas Island, the Island of Panayia (Virgin Mary) as well as views of mainland Greece.

Whether you visit Genesis during the day or the evening you can be assured of spectacular views in very pleasant surroundings. Paxos is a natural treasure and a perfect yacht charter destination when visiting Greece.

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