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The island of Tilos lies in the Aegean Sea and is part of The Dodecanese Island group. It is located in the middle of the Dodecanese archipelago and lies halfway between the islands of Kos and Rhodes.

Like most of the islands in Greece, the small island of Tilos has a very interesting rich history which dates back from the ancient times.

Some amazing discoveries at the Harkadios Cave have shown traces that the first inhabitants of the island were living in the area 6000 years ago.

Tilos is renowned for its immense beauty and there are numerous interesting places that are worth seeing. Livadia is a major village of the island and it is also where the main port lies.

The harbor of Livadia is rather small in size and offers berths for about a dozen of visiting yachts. The new breakwater nearby provides excellent protection too, however if the harbor is too busy, it is also possible to set anchor outside in settled weather.

For yacht charterers who follow the coastal road, they will have the opportunity to visit Agios Stefanos which host an impressive medieval lighthouse.

In the capital city of the island, Magelos Horio, you can explore the famous Castle of the knights, which was built to protect the islanders from the savage pirate raids that usually occurred on the island.

Megalo Chorio, the island’s capital, lies on a hill and is overlooked by the vast Knight’s castles which beautifully encloses a chapel which dates back till the 16th century.

As the island has long been under the control of the Knights of St John, you can also visit the ruins of the small fortresses.

Nightlife on the island is relatively calm; however you can also enjoy a nice time at one of the local taverns inland which offer some authentic Greek dancing and music.

There are also a large number of beaches around the island and all of them are dotted with the clear clean waters. The most popular beaches in the area are Lethra, Armokosti, Tholo, Agios Sergios and Stavros.

There is also the Leivadeia beach which is worth a visit, it offers beautiful, clear waters and it is not much crowded. The shady trees line the pebble stone beach, where you can relax and enjoy the splendor of your surroundings, away from the hot sun.

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