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Leros is a Greek island which lies in the southern Aegean Sea and forms part of the Dodecanese island group. It is situated between the islands of Patmos, Lipsi and Kalymnos.

Like most of the Greek islands, Leros is dotted with numerous small fertile valleys that are sandwiched between green hills, deep coves and some pretty beaches.

The capital city of the island is called Agia Marina and it is united with 2 other villages known as Platanos and Panteli located on the backside of a hill. The region is characterized by a large collection of little white houses, numerous neoclassical buildings and narrow alleyways.

The city starts at the seaside and gradually climbs up the sides of the hill whose summit is dominated by the remains of a fascinating Byzantine castle.

At about 3 km to the South of Agia Marina, lies the island’s main port, Laki. The port lies at the back of a deep and practically enclosed bay whose mouth is 5000m wide, making it one of the largest and the best equipped natural harbors in the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the yacht charterers who come to visit the island, set anchor at the harbor of Agia Marina which offers good shelter; there are also countless sheltered bays around the island too.

The island of Leros offers everything that a visitor may need to spend some excellent holidays and there is a large number of activities to choose from.

In the Old traditional buildings in Agia Marina, Platano and Lakki, you can visit the traditional markets where you will find fresh vegetables and fish around which there are numerous restaurants, bars and tourists shops.

For the more restless visitors, Leros offers some fun-living and bright side of the evening in its many bars, discos and nightclubs where you will discover the local bouzouki music at Panteli.

Yacht charterers can also explore the island’s coastline and visit some of the best beaches like Alinta, Panteli, Panagies, Xirokampos, Agios Isidoros, Mplefoutis, Agia Marina, Krithoni, Vromolithos, Agia Kioura, Koulouki, Merikia, Gourna, Dyo Liskaria, Drymonas and Vourlidia.

There are also many isolated sandy beaches that are worth a visit, like the famous beach of Krifo which is hidden amongst the surrounding rocky land.

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