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Kastelorizo is small Greek island which lies in the southeastern of the Mediterranean and is part of The Dodecanese Island group. It is located off the South coast of Turkey and almost halfway between the islands of Rhodes and Antalya.

Kastelorizo is a dry depopulated island and has its own small clutch of islets. The name Kastelorizo (Kastelo Roso) is derived from the red rocks on which a castle on the island was built.

The Castle which dates back since the medieval times hosts the old churches of Agios Dimitrios and Agios Nikolaos.

The island has only one settlement, its main town is also known as Kastelorizo. The town lies around the picturesque harbor of the island and provides a wonderful display of landscape with some unique architecture and numerous colorful houses.

The island of Kastelorizo do not really has significant beaches, however it is surrounded by clear seas abundant of marine life including the monk seals and there are numerous rock inlets which make it an excellent diving spot.

During a visit on the island of Kastelorizo, you will find out that there are several places that are worth seeing.

The famous medieval castle from which the island derives its name is one of the most popular attractions in the area and there is also numerous archaeological and folklore museums that are worth a visit.

The harbor of the island also has its unique charm, and it is dotted with numerous little alleys which makes it look like a labyrinth.

Around the harbor, you will see numerous old houses which are built close together to provide protection and shade.

Along the promenade, you will come across some little coffee bars, restaurants and shops. The harbor is considered as the best places to swim and its water is clear and clean.

Yacht charterers can also visit the Blue Cave which is one of Europe’s most famous grottoes. The inside of the cave is dotted with numerous stalactites and stalagmites and when the morning sun reflects from the bottom, it gives a deep blue color.

You can take a little boat from the harbor and have the chance to swim inside the Blue Cave

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