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The island of Kasos is the southernmost island in the Aegean Sea and belongs to The Dodecanese island group and is located between the island of Karpathos and Crete.

Kasos is often described as a small, rocky and mountainous island; however it is also extremely picturesque with its numerous landscapes which create a wonderful environment for peaceful and relaxing summer holidays.

The island of Kasos has also a unique history which dates back to the ancient times and shares part of the historical misfortunes of its neighbors which have often been subject to pirate invasions.

Kasos also boasts a fine nautical tradition with the sea, the boats and the seaman.

The island began its life in this way, long ago through the Minoan Period and the Archaic Period; and through the period of revolution in 1821 up until the years of boat making and later of the professional sailors.

Today it is a popular yacht charter destination and most of the sailors come to discover its history and to explore the numerous clusters of barren islets and rocky peaks that can be found all around the island.

Traces of the island’s history can be found everywhere you go, along its numerous streets; you will see some wonderful collection of traditional two-floored houses and mansions, some old churches and monasteries.

The coastline of Kasos is full of any kind of beaches that fits with any visitor’s habits and tastes; some are abrupt with rocks and are ideal for plunges while others are sandy beaches or with pebbles.

While sailing towards the West of the island, yacht charterers will come across Ammoua where there are 4 solitary beaches with pebbles of all colors.

In the southern part of the island, you can also visit the beach of Helatros with its natural harbor which dates back till the antiquity when it was used by the Minoan seamen.

The harbor is always protected from the winds while in the open sea; there are some unique waves which also makes it a small paradise for those who like windsurfing.

There is also an excellent beach on the islet of Armathia, which is often considered as one of the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean.

During a visit, you will have some spectacular views of the area which is an incredible combination of the Tropic and the Cycladic landscape.

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