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Syros Yacht Charter Information

Just like the island of Pàros, Sýros can also be regarded as the centre of The Cyclades. The capital of Ermoúpoli is in fact the administrative capital of the Nómos of the Cyclades. Sýros is located in the middle of the northern Cyclades and more specifically between the islands of Kéa, Kýthnos, Sérifos and Sífnos on one hand and the islands of Andros, Tínos and Mýkonos on the other hand.

The harbour of Ermoúpoli therefore functions as the central point of these northern islands. In many regards Sýros is a typical Cycladic island. It is also the most densely populated of the 24 inhabited Cycladic islands and the number of inhabitants largely exceeds the island of Náxos, which is five times as big.

From all Cyclades, Sýros is the only island with some real industry for example; there is shipbuilding and some other kinds of prospered industry.

Ermoúpoli is not only the largest agglomeration of the Cyclades; it also has the densest road network of all of the islands. In the north, there is the Ano Meriá where you will find the higher hill tops of the Sýringas and the Pýrgos and where you can also find the most important hikes. Some of the hikes are even numbered and they can be found on the very decent map of Anávasi.

Each cluster of 200 islands located in Cyclades chain offers a wide variety of culture, natural beauty, history and their intrigue. Some are more secluded, some are influenced by different cultures but they all are worth visiting and are also just as beautiful.

Tourists like to come to Syros because of the atmosphere in Ermoúpoli and because of the great beaches, especially found in the southern half of the island. In particular the towns of Galissás, Fínikas, Posidonía and the smaller Kíni that are situated on the west coast and also Vári, Méga Gialós and Azólymnos situated on the southeast coast, possess some very attractive beaches.

The organized yacht bases in Cyclades are Syros and Paros. Leaving from the Piraeus there is a very busy boat line, via Sýros and Tínos, taken care of by the Blue Star Ferries but also the line to Ikaría and Sámos calls in at Sýros and Mýkonos.

During summer there are also some frequent connections with High Speed boats and connections with for instance Páros, Náxos and Santoríni.

The islands are peaks of a submerged mountainous terrain, with the exception of two volcanic islands, Milos and Santorini. The climate is generally dry and mild, but with the exception of Naxos the soil is not very fertile.

In transportation, the Cyclades is the only prefecture in Greece that is not linked with a state-maintained highway or a highway number. All of the roads in the island complex are secondary or provincial.

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