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Delos Yacht Charter Information

The small rocky islet of Delos is part of The Cyclades and is located a few miles south-west of Mykonos in Greece. Due to its position, Delos is a renowned yacht charter destination and is known for its rich history.

As a yacht charter there is much to see in Delos. The beaches and waters are beautiful but its main attractions are on land. Its villages are home to some good sea food restaurants and of cores they offer tapas too.

A must see is the Temple of the Athenians, a Doric amphiprostyle building with six columns on the facade. In the cella, seven statues made of chryselephantine stand on a semicircular pedestal of Eleusinian marble. The temple was probably home to the Archaic statue of Apollo too.

The Lion District, occupying the north end of the ruins, is named for the famous Terrace of the Lions. Here at least nine elegant lions made of Naxian marble guarded the sanctuary, looking out to the Sacred Lake.

The oval Sacred Lake, drained since 1926, is where the sacred swans and geese of Apollo were kept. A palm tree has been planted in the center in honor of the one Leto clutched while giving birth to her divine twins.

Beyond the Terrace of the Lions is the Institution of the Poseidoniasts of Berytos, an association of merchants from Beirut who worshipped Baal, identifying him with the Greek god Poseidon. The complex includes several courtyards, chapels, meeting rooms, and shops.

The Maritime Quarter was the main residential area of Delos when the city was at its peak of prosperity and the ruins of many beautiful mansions and villas can be seen here (south of the site entrance). Many of them were paved with fine mosaics, some of these are still in situ.

A part from the southeast corner of the Theatre Quarter leads steeply up Mount Kinthos, a conical hill rising 113m (370ft) in the centre of the island. On the way is a Grotto of Hercules covered with stone slabs and there are fine views of the ruins and surrounding islands from the top.

Not only rich with history and culture, Delos is also home to amazing beaches and warm inviting waters where yacht charters are able to practice an array of water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling and the diving opportunities are amazing.

The port of Delos is small and under developed but it offers mooring space for even larger yachts.

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