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The Cyclades

The Cyclades is one of Greece most visited places. In The Cyclades, you will come across the island of Amorgos, situated in the east. It is well known for its monastery wedge situated just 300meters from the sea, called the Hozoviotissa.

The island is also home to beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and huge cliffs.

Andros is the northern most island of The Cyclades. It is an exception to the others.

White and blue windmills, small fishing boats scattered along its seas, high cliffs, deep gorges, rivers and streams running through verdant valleys planted with olive trees, figs shrubs, oranges trees, lemons trees, beautiful vineyards and white sand beaches.

For those who want to experience the nightlife of Greece, Ios is a beautiful island situated between Naxos and Santorini. It is world known for its lively night life.

It one of the islands of Greece with a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs but it has more to offer.

Large sandy beaches and clear warm blue waters for a more relaxing time after a long night out.

Milos is a complete outdoor sensation, palm trees scattered along the island and huge soft sandy beaches that go on for miles.

This island is one of the islands of The Cyclades and its beauty is due to the volcanic landscape which gives the landscape its array of colours and rockery.

One of the most famous and most visited of the Cyclades islands is the island Myconos. It is world famous for its sophisticated nightlife and its crystal clear ocean waters this island is compared with Ibiza and has many of the same traits.

The Cyclades have many places that between them all offer an unforgettable Greek style holiday, culture, food, nightlife and beauty.


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