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Port St Louis Du Rhône (Port Napoléon)

Port St Louis Du Rhône (Port Napoléon) Yacht Charter Information

Port St Louis du Rhône is a town which lies in the Bouches-du Rhones department in the South of France and is located in the South of Arles and at about 65 km from Marseille.

Its main activity is turned towards the sea and yacht chartering is a major attraction in the area and attracts many visitors all year round.

It hosts one fishing port, two substantial marinas and also the well-known boatyard Navy services.

The Port St Louis marina is located in the Southern part of the city, it offers over 315 berths and is close to the main street of the town which is lined with numerous shops, bars and restaurants.

The Port Napoleon marina lies at about 3km from the town and is adjacent to the lower non-navigable Rhône and can be reached from the Golfe du Fos.

It is larger than Port St Louis marina and offers more than 350 berths for yachts measuring up to 40m long.

Port St Louis du Rhône resembles closely to the Camargue and the area is as flat and marshy, yacht charterers are advised to take much precaution with the Mistral winds and the mosquitoes in the area.

A visit in Port St Louis du Rhône will make you feel that you are really at the door of the Camargue region and this can also be seen with its beautiful architecture and style of its houses.

Port St Louis du Rhônes offers a large number of interesting activities to enjoy and many beautiful places to visit.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful strolls and many leisure activities around the port.

You can enjoy numerous water sports like kite surfing, sailing and funboard at the Napoleon long beach and Gracieuse beach.

Funboard in Port St Louis du Rhônes attracts many visitors who come to attend various championships, competitions and record of the world speed that are held in the area each year.

Downtown, you can visit the famous Tower St Louis, where on the first floor, you will see a superb ornithological collection of more than 168 naturalized birds.

On the second floor of the tower, you will get a panoramic view of the entire Camargue region, with a perfect view of the channel St Louis, the mouth du Rhone and also the marshes salt-water.

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