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Port La Nouvelle

Port La Nouvelle Yacht Charter Information

Port la Nouvelle is a traditional seaside resorts town which lies in a vast coastline of fine, golden sand beaches shimmering under the sun of the Southern of France.

It is located on the Languedoc coast to the South of Narbonne and in the Aude department.

Port la Nouvelle is very developed, but it has attracted numerous visitors for over 100 years thanks to its 15 km beach which beautifully faces the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an attractive sandy beach and is backed by many cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants and offers numerous activities and animations. You can enjoy numerous sports activities including volleyball, windsurfing and horse riding.

Port la Nouvelle is also a new yacht charter stop in the heart of the Mediterranean coast and provides a safe harbor cruise.

There are 3 port areas in Port la Nouvelle, the first one is the largest industrial ports in France, there is also a bustling fishing port and one entirely dedicated to pleasure boats.

The marina of Port la Nouvelle is located at the mouth of the La Robine canal making it a major attraction for both the interior inhabitants and the offshore sailors.

It also offers yachtsmen, the shortest route to the sea if you approach the Mediterranean via the Canal du Midi.

During your visit in Port la Nouvelle, you will have the opportunity to take one of the many marked trails alongside the Canal de la Robine which comes across the Etang flowing to the sea and cuts the town in half.

The canal runs through the protected area of Ile de Sainte-Lucie where you can appreciate the natural environment around Port la Nouvelle which is dotted with waterways, woods and some lovely places to relax and enjoy the most of the countryside.

After your exploration of the area, you can take a drink at the Tequila bar, the bar overlooks the sea and is beautifully decorated with a strange mixture of exotic, Mexican, Egyptian and some modern statues.

You can also enjoy some sunbathing at the beach nearby where you will find some markets in the day and rock bands playing on the summer night. By the jetty, you can stroll out to the lighthouse overlooking the sea from which you will have a wonderful view of Canigou.

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