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Port Cros

Port Cros Yacht Charter Information

The island of Port Cros is located near Poquerolles, Levant Island in the French Riviera. It is the smallest of the 3 islands which form the archipelago of Iles d’Or in the Golf of Hyeres. The island of Port Cros is mountainous and thickly forested. Port Cros hosts a pretty deep-harbored little port which is guarded by 5 ancient forts which bear witness to the island’s past defenses.

The forts of Port Cros are some of the most famous attractions in the area, however only 2 of them are opened to the public: The Fort of l’Eminence (which lies about 30m by foot from the port) and the Fort of l’Estissac (about 15m foot from the port), which is an ideal vantage point to get a magnificent view of the island.

It is also a popular yacht charter destination, as it forms part of the renowned Parc National de Port Cros which consist of the main island, the adjacent islands and offering an excellent cruising ground around a maritime zone which extends over 600m around the coast. Along this route you wiil discover the incredible range of underwater flora and fauna but be careful as all the fish and fauna are protected, you can only go underwater fishing here with a guide.

There are two small beaches at equal distances from the village La Palud beach to the north and La Plage du Sud to the south-west of the village. These beaches are excellent for swimming and relaxing in the warm sun and enjoying the sound of lapping waters and crashing waves.

When it comes to exploring the land and scenery above water, the island of Port-Cros is best explored on foot, using 30kms of way-marked paths. You will fall under the charm of its small and tranquil port as soon as you set anchor. It is shaded by palm trees which will make you think you are on a tropical island, with a relaxing atmosphere that will remind you that you are in the South of France on the Côte d Azur. Opposite the landing point you’ll find the reception of the Port-Cros national park where you can buy a map of the island and pick up documentation about the nature trails.

Despite being the smallest of the islands of Iles d’Or, there are numerous places that are worth visiting when you charter your yacht in Port Cros. After a visit to the beautiful forts near the harbor which are reminiscent of the island’s past, you will have the opportunity to explore the natural habitat of the National Park. You can also enjoy an underwater tour from the famous La Palud beach.

By leaving the port, behind the forts, you will discover a fantastic path where you get a magnificent view of the ocean. You will also discover the beautiful smells from the Mediterranean fauna which are found everywhere you will set your eyes on. Arriving on destination at Palud beach, which is neither too small nor big, you can enjoy a nice time sunbathing or enjoying the water sports offered.

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