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Menton- Port De Menton Garavan

Menton- Port De Menton Garavan Yacht Charter Information

Menton is a large and dynamic seaside town which lies in the southeastern of France, it is located on the French Riviera, to the East of Monaco and is within walking distance of the Italian border. It is often nicknamed the Perle de la France (the Pearl of France), as the region is pastel-shaded and it is a palm-lined seaside town.

Menton is bordered by lush gardens and lemon groves and has a pretty pebble beach and a charming old town which is worth visiting. As it is surrounded by numerous hills, the traped warm air of the Mediterranean within the town center contributes to give Menton the highest temperatures on the coast.

The coastal road comes into the town of Menton from the West along the Baie du Soleil, runs around the old port and curves past the Baie de Garavan towards Italy.

Garavan is a residential area in Menton and it is dotted with numerous impressive villas and gardens created by wealthy expatriates at the turn of the last century.

The Port de Menton in Garavan is one of the largest ports on the Côte d’Azur and offers at about 800 berths for boats, out of which 144 are reserved for visitors.

The Port de Menton, Garavan is considered as an ideal yacht charter destination in the French Riviera and it has all the equipment with a shipyard as well as a refueling and supply station that can cater for all of the eventual needs of the yachtsmen.

During a yacht charter trip in the area, you can visit the Old Town of Menton, which is full of old buildings that have been beautifully restored. The colorful buildings around the Place Ardoino and the Hotel de Ville are also interesting.

In the Old Town, you can enjoy long walks along the Rue St Michel and Rue Piéta which are lined with beautiful little shops, restaurants, bars and terrace cafes.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Baroque Basilica of St Michel Archange which lies on the background of the Port de Menton.

Near the Port, you will find the local fishermen selling their daily catches in the morning, and there is also a traditional market selling fish, fruits and vegetables. Yacht charters can also explore the many blue flag beaches in the area including Cap Martin or the Plage des Sablettes.

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