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Golfe Juan

Golfe Juan Yacht Charter Information

Golfe Juan is a seaside resort which lies in the French Riviera in France, it is located to the northeast of Cannes and was originally called Vallis Aurea which means Golden Valley. It is renowned for its potteries and orange groves which once belonged to the monks of Lerins. The bay of Golfe Juan is perfectly nestled between Cap d’Antibes and Iles de Lerins and it is well protected from all winds, making it a perfect cruising ground for yacht charter visitors.

Golfe Juan is also a major tourist attraction on the French Riviera and most of its visitors come for its abundance of water-based sports and seaside activities. It is also a perfect spot to enjoy long walks or lazing along the numerous sandy beaches or sailing along the coastline by visiting the various interesting destinations nearby.

The famous city of Vallauris is located on a high point of Golfe Juan and is a main tourist spot due to the fact that the city is so rich with things to do and see. Here while sitting at one of the restaurants, you will have a panoramic view of the Bay of Cannes, the lles de Lerins and the Esterel mountains are exceptional. The old Vallauris will charm you with its typical Mediterranean atmosphere. You will also appreciate the picturesque shoreline from the quai St. Pierre to Port Camille Rayon, with its restaurants of Provençal or fish specialities and colorful little shops.

During a visit in the area, you will have the opportunity to discover the city of arts, crafts and pottery which is called Vallauris. You will also find the local workmanship in various boutiques and in the Castle Museum which hosts the International Biennial of Ceramic arts.

It is particularly recommended to visit the friendly Provençal market or simply stroll around the numerous little streets where you will find the artists’ workshops, the ceramic artists, the olive wood carving, glassworks and also the local perfume creators.

The port of Camille Rayon is the perfect place for a yacht charter to moore a boat, it can receive up to 833 boats measuring from 6 to 75m long on the fixed or floating quays. The port of Camille Rayon is a perfect location where you can enjoy many great boating events and there are also numerous restaurants around and various sports activities including scuba diving which is a major attraction in the area.

Golfe Juan, Cap d’Antibes, Ile de Lerin and Cannes host more than 30 dive sites where you can explore the tombants and the dry and isolated coral red rocks. All of the above mentioned activities and beautiful wonders are all the things which contribute to make Golfe Juan a world famous and very popular yacht charter destination. Chartering a yacht in Golfe Juan will be an experience which you will never forget.

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