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French Riviera & Monaco

French Riviera & Monaco Yacht Charter Information

The French Riviera or the Côte d’Azur is a piece of province which crosses France and Italy and is best described as a quintessence of the seaside attraction. The area stretches from Bandol to Menton and from the Var to the Alpes Maritimes offering 300km (186 miles) of coastline dotted with succession of sand and numerous pebbled beaches, some magnificent headlands and many unspoilt islands, mythical towns and some enchanting resorts.

From Nice to Monaco via Cannes, the French Riviera has long been considered and is still an international glamour spot and a celebrity waterhole. Each destination in the French Riviera is a treasure that waits to be discovered and each one of them is special in itself. The celebrity season is usually in May which coincides with the Cannes International Film Festival.

In August, the area is crowded in St Tropez which attracts many celebreties that often head out to Club 55 in St Tropez. The venue of the luxury yachts are considered as normal in this particular corner of the French Riviera, which is often described as a paradise.

The French Riviera is an internationally renowned for holidays. From the famous Cannes to Saint Tropez via Juan-les pins and Cap Ferrat , you will find numerous luxury seaside resorts which offer a large variety of fine sandy beaches to choose from (some of them are private).

Saint Maxime, Saint Raphael and Antibes are beach-towns and the 3 of them are appreciated for their various qualities. Saint Maxime is renowned in the area for its marina and excellent nautical facilities, Saint Raphael is appreciated for its charming setting while Antibes is famous for its beaches in Cap dAntibes and its popular theme park where you can see various dolphins, killer whales and sea elephants that glide around the many large pools.

More than any other European countries the French Riviera can offer many opportunities to any sailor. Numerous marinas and harbors have been built along the entire Mediterranean coast and in many places in the older ports, special docking have been arranged for the yachts.

Most of the ports and marinas are at full capacity and it is important to know that during the summer seasons, it can somehow be difficult to find spaces if not booked beforehand. Most of the yacht charter itineraries to explore the French Riviera starts at Nice which is considered as an ideal starting point in the area because the international airport of Nice has flights to and from all major European destinations.

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