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Umag Yacht Charter Information

Umag is an old town which lies on the northwestern coast of Istria in Croatia and is located at about 13km to the northwest of the town of Buje. The core of the town is situated on a peninsula that was once an island lying between 2 bays and is the closest major settlement to Croatia’s northern border with Slovenia.

Umag is also famous in the area for hosting the Croatian Open Umag, the International Tennis Championship of Croatia every year.

It is also a renowned yacht charter destination and a well-known seaside resort with its popular Riviera which extends for over 45km long offering a perfect cruising ground for visiting yachts.

The ACI Marina Umag can accommodate up to 550 yachts measuring up to 18m long and is located in a sheltered sport in the harbor, however the town’s quay may at times be exposed to winds from the North sector. It is also close to some interesting marina in the area like Nautica Novigrad Marina and Porec Marina.

There are numerous sites historical and archaeological sites that you can visit in Umag and there are many picturesque squares worth seeing too.

During your visit in the town, you will have the opportunity to see the town center where you will find the St Peregrines, the parish Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, St John and Lovrecica. You will also see that some of the 10th century town walls stand still as so are the 4th century towers.

Umag is also an oasis for sport tourism and is a perfect place to spend active vacations. Along the Umag Riviera, you will have a large choice in terms of sports like football, horseback riding, hunting, cycling, yachting, windsurfing, water skiing, diving and underwater fishing.

The town of Umag is also a famous health resort and the meeting point for business people and sportsmen and hosts the venues for numerous sports events, congresses, fairs and trade exhibitions.

You can also visit the town’s beach, Katoro beach where you can either take a rest or have great fun as there are numerous sport activities offered and it has been awarded with a Blue Flag. The beach of Katoro is separated by paved, pebbly and rocky parts and you will also find a few bars and restaurants nearby where you can taste some of the specialties in the area.

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