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Trpanj Yacht Charter Information

Trpanj is a town and municipality of Dubrovnik in south eastern Croatia. Trpanj, with its natural beauty has been attracting visitors in the summer for many years, but it also retains its fishing village character; it is still being discovered as a summer resort.

However, few have discovered its beauty in late spring and early fall. The beauty of these seasons is breathtaking. Spring and fall make the area a beautiful flower garden. The moderate temperature of both seasons allows for swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities.

You can enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters at the many beaches. You can also do windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and beautiful walks along the coastline. Do not forget to enjoy some of the best Croatian wines, freshly caught fish, and famous oysters and mussels, which are cultivated on the Peljesac Peninsula.

Trpanj is ideally located for day trips to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Mljet and Medjugorje. All this, together with the beautiful Mediterranean climate, gives you a memorable holiday.

There are two local yachts operators offering local picnic cruise and sightseeing. You can experience the yacht chartering at Trpanj. If you are looking for a sailing yacht, bareboat charter or with skipper, you can choose your sailboat at Trpanj at a bargain price.

You can also find the best sailing and chartering yachts at Trpanj. The harbour of Trpanj is protected from winds from the north east and south east quadrant. Yachts can moor along the quay using the four-point moor. The four-point moor with bows facing the second arm of the north, L-shaped breakwater is also recommended. This position affords protection from westerlies and from waves.

You can eat at either Konoba Trpanj or Konoba Dubrovnik. There you will be offered local and international cuisine and daily fresh fish. Both places are just a walk away from the ferry port.There are also several other cafés and restaurants nearby. In addition to the two places you can go to Aurora Restaurant which is located on the right from the ferry port.

There are the towns of Dingac and Postup where you can taste the best of Croatian wine. Other nearby attractions to visit are Orebic-Korcula Canal windsurfing, NP Mljet and others.

On the small hill just above the port of Trpanj was a fortress of a considerable size, and it northern walls are especially well preserved. The total length of the walls is 60 m.

The location, plan and wall construction indicate that it was built in the late antiquity, probably in the time of the Byzantine emperor Justinian who built a series of fortresses along the Croatian coast to protect maritime commerce, after having driven Goths out of Dalmatia. The fortress has not yet been analyzed by archaeologists.

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