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Supetarska Draga

Supetarska Draga Yacht Charter Information

Supetarska Draga is a town and cove which lies in the northwestern part of the island of Rab and at about 7km to the North of the town of Rab. It is one of the oldest villages on the island and it is renowned for its particularly rich nautical tradition.

Supetarska Draga is surrounded by numerous nearby islets full of sandy and pebbly beaches and is lined with many shops and good restaurants.

It is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts a marina, the Supetarska Draga ACI Marina which can accommodate up to 274 yachts measuring up to 20m long.

The Supetarska Draga ACI Marina is also within easy distance to some interesting marinas nearby like Rab ACI Marina, Nezerine Marina and Marina Senj.

Its location on the bay is flanked by Gornia (upper) and Donia (lower ) Supetarska Draga and provides quick access to the local islands around like Maman, Sridnjak and Šailovac and numerous sheltered bays and sandy beaches that are totally protected from the unpleasant winds.

As it is the oldest village on the island of Rab, Supetarska Draga is also home to the oldest Benedictine Convent and the famous church of St Peter which beauty has always attracted both the faithful and the lovers of art.

Supetarska Draga is also well-known for its beautiful beaches and during your visit, it is particularly recommended not to miss some of the most popular beaches in the area.

You will find a sandy beach in Dumici Bay and also one near Belvedere.

You can also visit Gonar Bay along its beautiful seaside promenade where you will discover many other sandy beaches where you can spend a day sunbathing or swimming in the azure-blue waters.

The rocky and pebble beach near Zlatni Zalaz is also worth visiting too.

Supetarska Draga is also attracts many yacht charterers in the area, as they are never limited to moorings off the shore of the island, but can also stay briefly by one of the neighboring beautiful islets.

Most of the offshore islets are dotted with numerous sandy beaches and grottos as well as a rich undersea world of interest to divers. You will also find some good naturist beaches.

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