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Skradin Yacht Charter Information

Skradin is a small Croatian town which lies on the coastline of the river Krka and at about 16km away from the town of Sibenik. It is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow paved streets, numerous passages, vaults and stairs.

The entire town of Skradin represents a protected cultural monument. It boasts houses that date from the 18th and the 19th centuries which closely resemble to the typical houses of Venice and there are numerous areas under the same influence.

However on the streets of the town, you will find the pleasant atmosphere of a small Dalmatian town especially when there is the Skradin festival of Klapa (a Capella singing typical of the Croatian Adriatic coast) or during the celebration of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Skradin is renowned yacht charter in the area and hosts one of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia, Skradin ACI Marina which can accommodate up to 153 yachts having a maximum length of 50m.

The Skradin ACI Marina is also within easy distance to the Solaris YC Marina in Sibenik, Tribunj marina, Vodice ACI Marina and to Frapa Marina in Rogoznica.

Many visitors come in the area to swim in the river Krka as well as at the mouth of the river which flows into the sea, as it is a mix of fresh and saltwater.

Skradin is also well-known in the region for its large variety of seafood including numerous fish and seashells as the town’s inhabitants have a long fishing tradition too.

In the town and around the harbor, you will find numerous restaurants and taverns, where you can taste a large variety of delicacies and some famous Dalmatian specialties.

You can also visit the famous Belvedere and the early medieval fortress of Ban Pavao Subic of Bribir which dates back since the 13th and 14th centuries.

There is also the Baroque Catholic Church of the Parturition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, dating from the 18th century which hosts a very valuable pipe organ.

The Skradin beach which lies on the Krka estuary, it is a pebble and cement beach with a lawn on the back, is also worth a visit.

As the town is also close to the National Park of the River Krka, you can also enjoy long walks through its untouched nature and enjoy the wonderful views of the amazing Krka waterfalls.

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