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Rab Yacht Charter Information

Rab is an island in Croatia and also a town of the same name which lies off the northern coast in the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic and probably one of the most magical.

Rab is dotted with numerous pine forests and hosts many beautiful beaches and is also well-known for its mild climate which differs from the mainland.

The main reason to this difference is that there are 3 ridges around the island which provide protection from the cold winds coming from the Velebit Mountains.

The main resort of the island is Rab Town which lies on the West coast of the island. It is full of medieval buildings that were built during the Venetian rule since the 13th century and the old town walls are still visible in some places too.

You will also have the opportunity to visit some other idyllic places on the islands situated on different parts of the coast like Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.

Rab is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts a beautiful marina, the ACI Marina Rab which lies in the Rab harbor in Rab town, right behind the breakwater. The marina can accommodate up to 140 yachts and all the berths has water and power supply.

You will also find another good marina, the Marina Piculjan, a small private marina which lies along Barbate channel before the Port of Rab. There are also some good marinas nearby like the marinas in Pula.

During your visit in the area, you will see the 4 bell towers of Rab which are situated among the partially preserved churches of Holly Cross Church, the Cathedral of St Andrew and of Maria Ascension.

Along the eastern side of the Old Town, you can take the waterfront promenade which will lead you along the coast of King Petar Krešimir IV.

The island of Rab also hosts some beautiful beaches and picturesque bays. You can sail towards the famous naturist beach of Kandalora which lies within easy distance from the Port of Rab.

You can also explore the wooden green peninsula of Frkanj which is a well-known place attracting many swimmers every year who come in the area to explore its beautiful hidden rocky beaches.

Lopar is also worth visiting too, it is a picturesque place surrounded with numerous bays and sandy beaches.

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