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Punat Yacht Charter Information

Punat is a large and almost land-locked bay which lies on the western side of the beautiful island of Krk in Croatia. The island of Krk is located just off the South coast of Rijeka and to the East of the island of Cres and is linked to the mainland by a bridge.

Punat is dotted with many kinds of beaches and visitors can choose between hidden rocky beaches, sandy beaches or cemented beaches. It is renowned in the area for its diving opportunities and has more than one diving club.

During your visit, it is particularly recommended not to miss the opportunities to dive in the bluest of the sea in Croatia. Tauchertreff and Octopussy which are located near Punat have both their diving schools.

However with its famous marina, the Punat Marina, it is no surprise that Punat is also considered as a leading centre for yachting tourism on the entire Croatian coastline.

The Punat Marina is a large well-sheltered marina that can accommodate up to 830 yachts having a maximum length of 30m and you will find a good selection of sheltered anchorages in the bay depending on the wind directions.

You will also find several small ports and good anchorages all around the coast of the island. There are also several good marinas located within easy distance like ACI Marina Cres, Marina Nezerine and Marina Senj.

From Punat, you can easily sail towards the beautiful Košljun Island and visit its famous monastery and explore Baska which is a wide bay lying at the foot of a scenic mountain range. On the Southeast coast of the island, you will find the main town, Vrbnik, which is a cliff-top medieval village renowned for its fine Žlahtina wine.

You will also find a large selection of entertainment on the island of Krk to make your visit memorable and unforgettable. You will find various nightclubs like Crossroads in Malinska and Jungle in Krk and during summer, there is also all sorts of parties not to be missed either like the fishermen party, the sailing party where all the open squares in the town are open.

You will also find a good selection of quality restaurants where you will have a large offer of fine meals and wines. In most for the restaurants, you will have a large choice of meat, fresh fish, shrimps and squids.

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