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Porec Yacht Charter Information

Porec is an historic town which lies on the western side of the magnificent Istrian peninsula. The town is almost 2000 years old and is set around a beautiful harbor which is perfectly protected from the sea by a small island called Sveti Nikola (or St Nicholas). It is located halfway between the town of Umag to the North and Rovinj to the South.

Porec is well-known for its rich history, coastal beauty, and friendly people and also for its excellent man-made wines and food. It also hosts 2 main tourists areas which are 2 bays lying in the south of the town: Zelena (Green) and The Plava (Blue- Laguna)

The 2 bays look like small towns, each one dotted with hotels, a campsite, a marina, and shopping and entertainment area.

Porec is also a major yacht charter destination in the area and hosts 3 marinas: The Marina Porec which lies in the heart of the town, The Marina Crvar-Porat, about 3 miles to the North of Uvala Lunga and Marina Parentium in a very sheltered bay at about 1 mile to the South.

Marina Porec is the most popular and offers about 120 berths for yachts measuring up to 30m long, due to its popularity, it is preferable to book in advance. It is within easy distance to the Nautica Marina Novigrad and Marina Rovinj.

Due to Porec’s long history, while visiting the area, it is particularly recommended to visit the old town where you will find many historical sites including the 6th century Euphrasian Basilica which has wonderfully been throughout the passage of time.

The Basilica is renowned for its beautiful gold mosaics and for hosting some buildings like the Baptistry and the Bishop’s palace. It has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

You can also stroll down The Decumanus which is the main street that runs east-west through the center of the old town. It was also used as the main road during the prehistoric and Roman times.

The Marafor Square is also which seeing, it is the place where the Roman Forum was once situated and you will see nearby parts of 2 temples of Neptune and Mars.

Further to the North, you will come across the Parliament buildings (once the Istrian Parliament) which have today been transformed into a museum.

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