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Novigrad Yacht Charter Information

Novigrad is a small picturesque town located at the northwest shore of the Istrian peninsula a few kilometers from the Slovenian border, Porec and Umag.

The town of Novigrad includes 5 areas Antenal, Bužinija, Dajla, Mareda and Novigrad and lies on a small limestone peninsula on which you will find an old town center surrounded partially by some preserved medieval walls and towers and lined with many houses dating back from the 15th and the 18th centuries.

Novigrad is famous for its seaside promenade, Rivarella which stretches along the coast where you will see numerous small bars and some popular restaurants like Damir and Ornela, Konoba Cok and Mandrac.

Novigrad is also a renowned yacht charter destination and the Nautica Marina Novigrad lies at the end of the Lungomare, the seaside promenade that runs along the coast, is considered as one of the most sheltered in the Adriatic Sea.

The marina is totally sheltered from all winds and can accommodate up to 365 yachts having a maximum length of 40m long and the berths are found in the southeast of the marina.

The Nautico Marina Novigrad is also located within easy distance to the marinas in Porec which lies about 15km away and further you will find ACI Marina Rovinj.

During your visit in the town of Novigrad, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Parish church of St Pelagus.

Further to the North of the town, you will discover the Palace of Carlo Riga, an old country mansion from the 1760’s, built with a combination of the Central European Baroque and the Venetian style. Inside the castle, you will find a large collection of some ancient tombstones and numerous Byzantine fragments.

You can enjoy the famous seaside promenade and explore the coastline where you will find numerous small bays, rocky beaches and many secret places where you can spend a sun bliss day.

You will also find one of the most popular beaches in the area, Sol Polynesia Beach, partly paved and on some parts rocky which is awarded with the Blue Flag.

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