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Jezera Yacht Charter Information

Jezera is a small village lying on the southeast coast of the small island of Murter in Croatia. It is situated in a bay which forms like a horseshoe and is surrounded by numerous picturesque hills.

Due to its perfect position, not exposed to the blasts of the incoming winds, it is considered as an ideal Port for ships.

Jereza is surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea and numerous small picturesque islands and in its vicinity there are also the 2 most famous national parks in the area Kornati and Krka; that are worth visiting.

Jezera is also a renowned yacht charter destination in Murter and hosts 2 beautiful marinas: Jereza ACI Marina, with 189 berths for yachts measuring up to 25m long and Zut ACI Marina with 113 berths for yachts with a maximum length of 18m.

Jereza is within easy distance to Hramina Marina, Skardin ACI Marina and Betina Marina.

It is an ideal starting sailing spot to explore the Kornati islands and during the summer months, you can enjoy numerous water sports like the famous Big Game Fishing of Jereza, one the most popular big game fishing target in the Adriatic. Throughout the entire season, you will have the opportunity to catch any kind of fish like the blue fin tuna, albacore tuna, little tunny, sharks, swordfish or dorados.

During your visit in the village, it is particularly recommended to explore some of the most popular sites in the area like the famous Church of the Lady which dates back since the 1720 and the Kornati Aquatorium is also worth seeing.

During the summer months from August till the end of September, you will have the opportunity to witness many traditional festivals which will help you learn more of the village’s culture.

During the festival of How our ancestors have lived, you will see a parade exhibiting the old customs of Jereza, there are also the Vilika Gospa, the fishermen festivity, held every year on the 15th of August where you can taste various fishes dishes.

The Mala Gospa festival is interesting too, it is also called the Day of the inhabitants and is held on the 8th of September with lot of food, drink and events.

You can also visit the various beaches of Jereza and you see a beautiful pebble beach neat to the marina just across the islets Skoljic.

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