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Hramina Yacht Charter Information

Hramina is the largest village on the island of Murter in Croatia. It lies on Hramina cove, when most of the locals in the area decided to move down from the hills to the shore. The village is characterized by its unusually narrow alleys and end with moles.

The Gulf of Hramina has been sailed for centuries, by the Roman and the Venetian trading ships. The seas of Hramina are sailed by all types of ships: The typical Adriatic sailing ships, the big vessels transporting goods to the other continents, the small traditional fishing boats and also to the most prestigious modern yachts and sailboats of today’s Odysseys from all corners of Europe and the World.

The reasons for sailing in the area may differ, but the final destination was always the same: The Kornati islands, an oasis in the deep blue sea.

The archipelago is dotted with numerous islets characterized with grey rocks and many green olive groves where you can discover one island every day of the year to enjoy their wild beauty.

The most popular attractions in the village of Hramina is its marina, the Marina Hramina which lies in the naturally protected bay of Hramina. Due to its proximity to the National Park Kornati, it is a renowned yacht charter destination and is an ideal starting point for cruises, excursions and regattas.

The Marina Hramina can accommodate up to 400 sea berths and 250 dry berths for yachts measuring up to 30m. It is a modern marina enjoying a perfect location in Hramina Bay and naturally protected from all the strong winds by the islets of Mali Vinik, Tegina and Veliki.

Near the marina, you can visit the ancient city of Colentrum which is thought to date back since the time of the Roman Emperor Nero and Vespazania.

From the village, you can see the ruins of the city in the foothills of the Gradina Mountains.

You can also visit explore the entire coastline of Murter island, where you will discover a number of beautiful beaches and practice many water sports activities.

The island is also a good base to sail in the central Adriatic Sea where you can explore further interesting destinations like the islands of Vis, Lastovo, Hvar, Brac and Solta.

You can also visit several Dalmatian big towns like Split, Trogir, Primosten, Sibenik or Vodice where you will find numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

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