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Betina Yacht Charter Information

Betina is a village and harbor which lies on the north-eastern coast of the island of Murter in Croatia. The island of Murter is separated from the mainland by the Narrow Murter channel and is connected to the land with a bridge called Tisno which lies at about 7km from Betina.

For most visitors, Betina is a pleasant place for peaceful rest, particularly to the yacht charters as it is also a major yacht charter destination.

Besides its numerous traditional activities, fishing and agriculture, the inhabitants of Betina are also well-known shipbuilders. The shipbuilding industry began in the 1800 with the purpose to build big wooden ships.

The tradition continues till today in Betina where there is still a shipyard with the same name but only that sports and fishing boats are built now.

The Marina Betina lies on the other side of the promontory from the village in Hramina and offers over 240 berths in the sea and about 80 others on the land for yachts measuring up to 30m long.

The marina is within easy distance to Jereza ACI marina, Dalmacija Marina in Zadar and to Marina Skradin.

Betina is also renowned fishermen’s village where you will see numerous restaurants that offer excellent fish and seafood. There is also a traditional feast called the Brganja Day, dedicated to some specific species of shells which can be found around.

Betina is a perfect destination to spend quiet holidays away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. You can rent or use your own yacht to explore the numerous picturesque bays of Murter and the beautiful islets nearby.

As it is well-known for its seafood restaurants, you can use the Kornati National Park as the starting point to discover the culinary delights of the area. In the village of Betina, you can visit the parish church of St Francis which dates back since the 17th century.

A few steps further, you will come across the hill of Gradina where you will see a medieval church of Our Lady of Gradina.

You can also sail towards the other interesting destinations nearby like the island of Zlarin, Kaprije, Zirje, Prvic and Krapanj nearby which offer some spectacular landscapes and good beaches. You will also have the opportunity to visit the amazing Krka National Park which is not so far away from the village.

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