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Bakar Yacht Charter Information

Bakar (Copper in Croatia) is a quaint picturesque town which lies in the northwest part of the Bakar Bay in the Gulf of Kvarner in the southeast of Rijeka in Croatia.

It is renowned for its beaches surrounded by numerous pine forest and used to be the centre of Tunny Fishing where the tunas are caught by nets and killed in the northern Adriatic Sea.

Bakar is also famous for its sparkling white wine the Bakarska Vodica which is well-appreciated by visitors who come in the area. The town of Bakar is divided into 2 parts: Grad and Primorje.

Grad is the old part of the town and has retained its old world charm amongst its numerous museums and ancient structures and Primorje, the new section of the town, is tucked beautifully along the coast.

Bakar is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts beautiful small marina, Marina Bakarski Zaliv located in Primorsko-Goranska Zupanija where you can find berths on either sides of the bay.

The Marina Bakarski Zaliv is within easy distance the marinas in Pula, Medulin and Senj. As the marina occupies a perfect position in the Adriatic Sea, you can also sail towards many interesting destination nearby.

During your visit in the area, you will have the opportunity to visit the old town of Bakar, and explore the many attractions you will find, like the famous Frankopan Castle, the Bakar Civic Museum and the local church.

The Frankopan Castle is a triangular-shaped castle that dates back since the 15th century and the Bakar Civic Museum hosts a large collection of works of stone that dates back since the Roman era.

While visiting the old town of Bakar, Grad, it is also recommended to visit the local church which hosts a rich collection of the ancient religious works of art and also a crucifix dating since the 14th century.

You can also visit the town of Kralijevica which lies at the entrance in to the Gulf of Bakar. The town sits in the center of cove which spread from Cape Ostro and Fornica to the southeast.

In the area, you will numerous hotels and villas, many beautiful beaches and clear sea and can enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding with many churches and also its famous 2 castles.

You can also enjoy water sports and there are also various entertainments opportunities offered.

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