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Saint Florent

Saint Florent Yacht Charter Information

Saint-Florent is a small town which lies on the western side of the base of the Cap Corse peninsula in the North of the island of Corsica.

It is dotted with a pleasant climate and with numerous sandy beaches. There is a fishing port and an attractive yacht harbor located at the bottom of the gulf of the same name.

Saint-Florent is a major yacht charter destination in Corsica. It is a very popular spot which attracts the yachting crowd all year round and the harbor area is beautifully lined with numerous cafes, bars and restaurants around the Place des Portes.

The Marina Saint-Florent offers more than 820 moorings for yachts measuring up to 45 m long. On aboard your yacht from the Gulf of Saint-Florent, the town of Saint-Florent looks very small and almost unassuming with dark brooding mountains which are poised behind its light limestone buildings, but once you set anchor, it is worth visiting.

Saint-Florent is home to the famous Genoise Citadel which overlooks the town where you will get some magnificent views of the area.

You can also go around to the other side of the harbor to get the best overall view of the town.

During your visit in Saint-Florent, you can head a little way out of the town to see the famous Cathedral of the Nebbio which was built on the site of an original Roman town that once existed close to where the town of Saint-Florent now stands.

The Cathedral of the Nebbio is not as impressive as all the cathedrals that you will see on the mainland France, it is a rather low, unassuming limestone building but it is much suited to the Corsican setting.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the Nebbio region which is reputed for its fertility and for producing one of the best wines found in Corsica.

You can visit the vineyards around Patrimonio, a picturesque village which lies at about 6km to the East of the town and which is a good place to start your exploration and taste the local wine.

On the opposite direction, to the northwest of the town of Saint-Florent, you will find Saleccia which is renowned in the area for its white sandy beach, often referred to as one of the best beaches to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

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