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Macinaggio Yacht Charter Information

Macinnagio is a town which lies in the North of the island of Corsica and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is dotted with magnificent beaches and a rich culture which both contribute to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Island.

Macinaggio is an ancient town of rare beauty that never fails to inspire all its visitors with its unique splendor and charm.

Although it is quite small in size, the town is blessed with centuries of incredible history which can be seen today through its traditional festivals and striking architecture.

Macinaggio is also a renowned yacht charter destination in Corsica and attracts many visitors every year.

Its sailing harbor which lies at the very end of the Cap Corse, offers over 585 berths for yachts measuring up to 30m long. It is well sheltered from the winds from the West (the Mistral and Libeccio) and the SW (Sirocco).

The area enjoys a typical marine environment which is characterized by a breathtaking coastline and its beaches are amongst the best in the Mediterranean dotted with white sand and crystal blue water.

Whilst being one of the most popular places in the area for its beaches, the town of Macinnagio is also worth visiting for its rich heritage and artistic beauty.

It often defined as a vibrant place and is beautifully covered with some ancient towers like the magnificent Mortella and the Sainte Marie Towers. The 2 towers date back to the 16th century by the Genovese rulers and used to be the principal defensive tools against the various pirates invasions and the Saracens.

The port of Macinaggio and its large fishing village nearby are the ideal spots to start a trail, known as the Sentier des Douaniers that will lead you to the famous Santa Maria tower.

Along your way at about 2km away, you will come across the famous Baie de Tamarone (Tamarone beach) which is reputed for its deep clear waters and is also an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.

Just behind the beach, you will see a stunning arc of turquoise sea which is known as the La Rade de Santa Maria, where you can visit the isolated Romanesque Chapelle Santa Maria.

You can also visit the bay’s principal landmark called the Tour Chiapelle, a three-storied tower which dates back to the 16th century.

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